Who Are We?

Norcal928 is a community of Porsche 928 owners in the Northern California area.  The organization has no formal structure, officers, by-laws or other administrative paraphernalia.  The sole purpose of the group is to promote camaraderie among 928 owners in this area by serving as a clearing house for events centered around the 928 and 928 owners.  About the only recognizable formality is that the group will hold a social event on a regular monthly schedule rotating among several locations.

What Can I Find Here? - see menu in right frame

  • Schedules and contact information about 928-centered events in the Greater SF Bay Area, and beyond.

  • News about 928 events and developments

  • A place to submit 928-centered event information.

  • A place to provide feedback and suggestions for 928-centered events

  • Links to a variety of resources for 928 owners

Who Should Attend Norcal928 Events?

We encourage full family participation.  Not all events may be entertaining enough to occupy the attention of young children, but we encourage 928 owners to bring the family.


What does it cost to join Norcal928?

Zero, goose-egg, nada.  The club is dues-free and our events have no set fees.  Our annual "Sharks in the Park" picnic in May in Tilden Park is free and open to all 928 owners and families.

What if I Don't Have a 928?

Too bad. However, you're still welcome to attend our events, although please inform Norcal928 in advance.  We particularly welcome prospective 928 owners who want to learn more about the marque, make contacts with possible sellers and find out why we are so crazy about this car.  We'd just ask that if you participate in one of our driving events, that you ride in a 928.  The sight of a long unbroken ribbon of 928s weaving through the twisties is a religious experience.


How do I join Norcal928.org?

Click on the "Join Norcal928.org" link below to and submit your email address to be added to our notification list for events.  

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