"Cynics and died-in-the-wool 911 and 356 fanatics tend to write the 928 off as a cross between a 924 and a Corvette. They're wrong. If you approach this car with an open mind, open the door, sit down, fire it up and drive it away, it will quite simply blow your mind. To get out of whatever you were driving and take the 928 for a spin is as liberating as your first ride on a motorcycle, your first kiss from a girl who knew how. You may frighten yourself, in a burst of unbridled enthusiasm, but the 928 won't. It's a rolling womb of whispering, humming, tactile assurances that everything on this particular road on this particular day is going to be all right. Dreamlike, you fly down the road like a bat out of hell with nothing more than the blurring of the trees and the moan of the engine to call your attention to the speedometer. This is grand touring, folks, and whatever it costs, it's worth It." - David E. Davis, Jr. April 1978

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April 2017

Sharks in the Park XVII is coming! - Saturday, May 6, 2017 - Tilden Park, Berkeley.
The fun continues for NorCal 928 owners, families and friends with another glorious day for cars, food and fun in Tilden Park in May. 

For details, please look here.


Picture from SITP XI courtesy of Dennis Kao.  For many more  pictures, visit George Suennen's gallery here.


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